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    Simplicity is everything you need

    Task Management

    Keep track of your tasks

    Your most urgent tasks are always at hand in the delgate cockpit view. Monitor your deadlines with one click. Find all delgated tasks at a glance.

    Secure & Cloud based

    Security in the cloud

    Employ delgates encrypted cloud services for full security, wherever you log in. delgate provides the work environment to collaborate location-independently.

    Learning Organisation

    Link success to responsibility

    Create agile and focussed teams. Identify team members that work together the best or have hidden strengths. Profit from swarm intelligence.

    Feedback Culture

    Benefit from feedback

    Make sure your colleauges improve on the job. Every task is completed by its evaluation. People appreciate positive & constructive feedback.

    Work on the Go

    Independent office

    Access delgate anywhere using any device without installing another app. Keep track of your milestones, delgated jobs or tender a job just before you go on a plane. Next time you are online you can evaluate the first proposals or even review results.

    Talent Management

    Always find the best

    Release the hidden sources of knowlege in your company. Open the stage for cross-department collaboration. Identify your most skilled and motivated team members. Identify free resources relying on your crowd.

    Focused Communication

    Avoid unnecessary emails

    All the job related information at one place. Create standardized forms for clear communication. No more emails with information regarding other projects, no more crawling of emails. It can be that easy having all the information you need in one place, in your job details.

    Incentive System

    Keep track of your success

    Assign clear values to your milestones by employing the unique delgate currency. Along the way we'll provide a transparent, fair and flexible incentive structure. Customize the virtual currency to your company and its needs.


    Sourcing just like the big ones

    Invite your suppliers, freelancers or anyone working for and with you to become part of delgate and benefit from professional sourcing structures. Tender jobs, evaluate proposals, assign, follow up and approve them. Stay a step ahead, stay competitive.

    Game Mechanics

    1.0, 2.0, 3.0, delgate

    Enjoy collecting virtual currency points with your successes. Employ the right incentives to get realistic estimates on deadlines from your colleauges. Exploit all the easy advantages of gamification to optimize your processes.

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